100% recycled mixed polymer retaining crib wall system



At PC Construction, we strived to create a retaining wall system that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, user friendly and cost effective. We are happy to have achieved this with Ecocrib.

The system is manufactured using 100% recycled waste polymers. Plastics such as bags, packaging, car bumpers and bottle tops are selected and processed into the profiles used in the construction of the wall system, the material is 100% recyclable at the end of its required life cycle.

Certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), Ecocrib can achieve a design life greater than 120 years. The design life is comparable to that of concrete which attracts many away from the bulky industrial look to a smoother, more refined finish which can also be landscaped to improve the aesthetics of the wall helping it fit in well to its surroundings. When considering solutions on developments of all kinds, the lifetime cost means Ecocrib is the more efficient choice.




Ecocrib requires no maintenance, at the end of its life is 100% recyclable. It Is fully resistant to Ultra Violet Light and will not rot or be affected by water or fungus infestation. Lifetime costs make it more efficient than traditional materials.


With a BBA certificate for 120 years, Ecocrib is by far the most cost effective and reliable choice for retaining walls, with approval for work on highways and railways, it just proves this certification is highly recognised in all areas of construction and we are proud to have it. Certificate number: 12/H194

Total Solution

We offer the full design, supply and install. We very much are the one stop shop for crib walling, especially if you are thinking of the environment! We work with Geoman designs but we can also work with existing designs. If you provide the problem, we will provide the solution.

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Case Study

Case Studies

The case studies provided are designed to give you an example of previous work and to show you technical details on certain jobs that might relate to the job in hand. We’ve done jobs in back gardens and we’ve done jobs in nuclear power plants, the possibilities for Ecocrib are endless.

Being Nationwide, we have a lot of ground to cover, we have a case study map that gives you an idea of how committed we are to using Ecocrib across the UK.


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