Design & Construction

The simplicity of the system ensures quick and easy installation and gives an even textured and attractive look. The superior element of strength and versatile interlocking design enable great flexibility for complex shapes and curves. Structures in excess of 10 metres in height and 7 kilometres in length can be achieved.

We bring to life your required plans working in partnership with Geoman designs, but we are happy to work with existing designs and plans.

There are no significant manual handling or health issues with Ecocrib components, the heaviest is 16.5kg and is easily handled by one person. The material has no harmful chemicals or elements within it, nor does it create dust particles when cutting or during construction.

The system uses interlocking lengths of extruded ECO44 formulation. Simple or complex designs can be catered for and the system can be used as a mass gravity wall, reinforced earth wall and acoustic walls. All options can be clad with a variety of cosmetic faces if preffered. If you have an idea or a theme, we can help develop this, along with full design, supply and install.